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“Massacre!” “Fiasco!” “Humiliation!” “Shame!” Those were just a few of the words blasted in all-caps block letters across the front pages of Brazil’s newspapers the morning after its World Cup team suffered a horrendous 7-1 loss to Germany on Tuesday. With Brazil down two star players, the match was a crushing end to the host

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Each summer, a new group of fresh-faced, eager and energetic interns take over company cubicles and break rooms. While this new summer staff can give your startup an extra set of hands and a lot of energy, figuring out the right way to put them to work for your business while giving them a positive

Poor flight attendants. Once an elite cadre of glamorous pros catering almost exclusively to well-heeled passengers, they now have to face the grumblings of overcrowded masses while wearing unflattering polyester suits. Virgin Atlantic wants to restore some lost dignity, however, with redesigned uniforms by the British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood. The partnership with Richard Branson’s

Pinterest is expanding its first major ad offering, Promoted Pins, to all businesses in hopes of capturing ad dollars from small and medium size businesses. San Francisco-based Pinterest announced on Thursday that all businesses will soon be able to pay to promote their content in search and category feeds on the service. Pinterest first rolled

Becoming a successful entrepreneur takes more than a great idea and important connections (although both do help). Making the shift from the steady life of a full-time employee to the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship requires a shift in mindset that many overlook. In fact, some of the work habits you so carefully honed as a

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The hacker who cofounded the shadowy LulzSec group, but who then helped the U.S. government disrupt at least 300 cyberattacks while working as an FBI informant, is now a free man. A Manhattan federal district court judge granted Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known by his hacker moniker “Sabu,” a sentence of time served and one

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Apple’s a very secretive company, but it’s a good guess that there’s no playbook in its Cupertino headquarters for incorporating an existing consumer brand into its portfolio. That’s because Apple has never done anything remotely close in its 38-year history. The company has made more than 50 major acquisitions, but they’ve all been technology companies

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We Offer Printing Solutions

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Alpha Innova Group is proud to offer its customers Printing and Branding Solutions for their business needs. We supply the following promotinal material Business Cards- Matte,Glossy,Foil Accent Flyers Brochures Signs Posters Invitations Branded Pens Branded Keyrings Branded Jumpdrives Labels Stamps Banners T-Shirts We are able to supply GREAT Quality in VAST Quantities so that you